Glitch This 😊

What is a Glitch?

A Glitch is a short lived fault in a system. It is often used to describe a transient fault that corrects itself, and is therefore difficult to troubleshoot.

So who wouldn’t love a great deal, I mean Glitch. Glitches are only good if it isn’t mass publicized. Recently I heard about a Glitch, it was an awesome Glitch. was giving you $50 off of $50 at checkout. Not only that, it wasn’t a one shot deal and you could do it over and over again, maybe that was the problem? Β This was my 1st real Glitch that I had found, too bad it was short lived.

Not 2 days went by before emails started being distributed cancelling all orders made within a certain time frame. With the order cancellation emails came an email from the CEO of, Melanie Cox.


Now we go to social media, as usual, since this is where everything seems to stem from these days. I was browsing around on my iPad when I came across a Facebook group I am member of. This was a Glitch group where anyone could post a Glitch they came across, awesome concept if you ask me. I liked the idea of people helping people benefit from something they found and what better way to do that then social media.

The downfall is when people start taking things from said supposed to be confidential group since that it was you agreed too when you singed up and pass it along and next thing you know it’s all over social media and has gotten so out of control that Wetseals whole entire inventory has been depleted.

At one point the site was so slow I thought it was going to completely crash and who knows it might have. Moral of the story, if you find something that someone has shared with you in a private group leave it there. There is no point releasing it to the world!!! Just like in this case once the system gets overloaded people notice and nobody wins.

My personal opinion



Author: Nicoles Review Lounge

My name is Nicole and I'm a stay at home mother of 3! I started this blog just for fun and have no idea what I'm doing but I love it! My son is 13 and my girls are going on 3 and 4 and just started school this year so I have some more time on my hands. They go full time and take a cute little yellow bus! I've also started going back to work part time for my brother. Thank God I work for family or I would've been fired 1000 times over πŸ˜„ Kudos to the moms that hold regular jobs with kids, there's always a holiday or sickness in my house that keeps someone home! I'm very excited to see where all this is going to take me. Maybe it's because I just like to run my mouth or have an opinion! Living in NYC turns you rough around the edges, lol. Thank you for liking, sharing, commenting, or just visiting. Suggestions are welcomed as I learn this process!

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