Dolamee Android TV Box ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love TV boxes. I think they are the greatest invention since Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Apps. I like to have a TV box in every room in my house and I now am able to do that now that I’ve collected enough. My most recent and best one in my opinion is the Dolamee D5 Android TV box. This tiny little box, the tiniest I own at least comes fully loaded!

When I first opened the box and saw how small it was I was surprised. The other ones I have aren’t big or anything but they are bigger then this one. This one is like the size of an average bathroom tile and is way thin, maybe 1/4″. I love how small and compact it is! You could travel with this easily which is cool and I’m always bringing them to my sisters house to use.

It’s simple to set up by plugging it in the wall and plugging the HDMI wire it comes with into the box and your TV. Once that’s done your ready to turn it on. It has tons of features including Kodi where you can get all the free movies you want! Once you connect it to your wifi you can log into anything it came with default and download whatever else you want from the google play store. It’s like turning your TV into a giant computer, lol.

Anything you can download from the goggle play store can be downloaded to this. I use FB, YouTube, Amazon, and so much more. You can even upload your pictures. I have one of these one every TV in my house and they can e used with a wireless mouse which is awesome. Just plug to small wireless mouse USB into the back OT the TV box and your ready to go. Now your TV can be used with a mouse. How cool is that? Now all I need is a touch screen TV and I can have a 55″ tablet 😜 The remote works good and has a mouse option on it but I prefer using it with a wireless mouse. I would recommend everyone having at least one of these in their homes.

Once my Verizon FIOS contract is up I won’t need cable anymore since these boxes have everything the TV gives you and so much more. No more giant cable boxes and wires everywhere. This is a good buy. I received this product free, this opinion is 100% my own.

check it out here:


Author: Nicoles Review Lounge

My name is Nicole and I'm a stay at home mother of 3! I started this blog just for fun and have no idea what I'm doing but I love it! My son is 13 and my girls are going on 3 and 4 and just started school this year so I have some more time on my hands. They go full time and take a cute little yellow bus! I've also started going back to work part time for my brother. Thank God I work for family or I would've been fired 1000 times over 😄 Kudos to the moms that hold regular jobs with kids, there's always a holiday or sickness in my house that keeps someone home! I'm very excited to see where all this is going to take me. Maybe it's because I just like to run my mouth or have an opinion! Living in NYC turns you rough around the edges, lol. Thank you for liking, sharing, commenting, or just visiting. Suggestions are welcomed as I learn this process!

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      1. Yes, all that and also anything you can download from the google play store Just like ur phone if u use android. It also has Kodi which I even jail broke my fire stick to add and it has all the new movies still in theatres free. The TV boxes come with this installed now. Kodi even has TV channels too. Super cool

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