CrowdTap Rocks-Suave Mission

I didn’t join CrowdTap that long ago but I really have nothing but good things to say about it. I really enjoy being able to log on, answer some questions, and have a $5 gift card by the time I was done. A lot of these so called sites that offer gift cards for your opinion are scams and I have given up looking for any decent ones but CrowdTap is one of those sites I’ll be sticking with!

They have so many things to do all relating to products that your interested in! Not only that but they offer free full sized samples for your feedback. You can share on social media if you like but your not required to! They have missions for products like this Suave Mission I’m currently doing and I’ve never had any problems!

If this sounds interesting to you and you are like me and love free stuff and giving your opinion CrowdTap is for you! You can check it out on the link below. I think the only thing I didn’t like is there change in policy on when they issue your gift cards. You used to be able get the gift card right then and there but now they email it to you within a few days! It’s still fun and free though! Enjoy!

My CrowdKit sample for the Suave Professionals Honey Infusion Range was exactly what I was looking for for my hair. I love a shampoo and conditioner that smells good and makes my hair smell good and this did just that! I also have frizzy hair and it helped keep it in order. I am so happy with my sample and would definitely recommend it. They also sent a leave in conditioner I live that smells and works great in my hair and my girls hair! I’m always looking for new shampoos and conditioners and I was not disappointed with this!


Bloody Bath Mat via NewXshop

This bloody bath mat came to me at the perfect time of the year, Halloween! Who doesn’t love to place all those creepy decorations around their house and scare the crap out their friends and family? The bloody mat is fun to look at and have around the house and is a great bathroom decoration for Halloween! Who really decorates their bathroom anyways?

This was perfect for our bathroom though whoch is small. The mat is on the smaller size also so it’s great for in front of the vanity, sink, or shower. It comes with the bloody footprints and spray just so your not surprised like me, lol. If your a fool like me you would’ve thought the picture depict the mat turning red when stepping out the bath or shower with wet feet, like it was activated by the water which would’ve been awesome! Well, I learned the hard way that is not the case and it is just a white mat with bloody footprints.

It’s  very soft but somewhat thin. I’m not sure if I plan on using it all year or if it will be a seasonal thing. I guess we’ll just gave to see how well it holds up over time! Overall, I am happy with it and enjoy playing around with it and my kids. You can also use them wherever you want and not just in your bathroom. They do have a non slip bottom! I received this product free and was under no obligation to share my experience.

Check it out here:

My Pedi foot file and callous remover

I have been using  my pedi products like this since they 1st came out. I could tell when i received this one that It was much better quality then the other battery or even rechargeable ones that I had accumulated over time.

The first thing I noticed was how much bigger and heavy duty it seemed. The other ones I have are much smaller and the callous wheel is even smaller. This came with 2 diamond cutting callous wheels that matched that of an Amope so it may be compatible. I will find out! It is very powerful and the speed is unmatched and the fastest I own. It’s great to use in the shower when your feet are nice and moist but works wet or dry which is bonus. It really does a good job getting all that dry skin off your feet.

It takes 3 AAA batteries and is easy to use and turn on. Unscrew the bottom of the pedi to insert and remove the batteries. It has so much more power than the others ones I have and works much better. It’s great quality and well made and turns on with just a twist of the handle. It’s also awesome that it comes with 2 heavy duty callous wheels since I haven’t been very nice to my feet lately!

I’m very happy with my pedi foot file and callous remover and happy that I have one that matches Amope at a much lower price. These make great stocking stuffers for women so my mother and sister may wake up with these in their stockings come Xmas! I purchased this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Check it out here:


Where are my bath bomb fans? I have a  few sets and I love them all, taking a bath has never been better (well, maybe when my kids aren’t around)  I love bath bombs and this is the next set on my list. Check them out, they even fizzle, lol