Aulexy Yoga n Pilates Socks

I love these Yoga n Pilate Socks. By no means am I a Yoga or Pilates women or mom but I like to believe I know what I’m doing and with these socks I’m doing it, lol.

These Yoga socks are thick and super comfy. The have foot print grippers on the bottom so you don’t slip while stretching, walking, or running after your kids. I have a big sock fetish and am always looking for great socks and these are a great addition.

These aren’t just good for Yoga or Pilates but they’re great for dancing, running after kids, cleaning, cooking, and even wearing them as a pair of slippers works! I’m very happy I found these socks and would definitely recommend them to people.

With Yoga n Pilates being so big these days these socks are great to have on hand. It comes in a pack of 4 with 4 different colors and they are well made and excellent quality! They are breathable and wearable all year! Must have for women!

Check them out here:



So much nicer then I expected!



I love love love this dress. It’s going to be perfect for the summer for the pool and the beach. I wish I had this when I went to Florida in December. It is so well made and I’m so surprised by the quality of it. When your wearing this dress it literally feels like you have nothing on. Perfect for the beach and the pool and anywhere hot!

The material is a sheer which means it will dry fast. i.e. beach dress, lol. It is so pretty and the colors are beautiful. I love the flowy feeling of it and how it’s nice and lose fitting and easy to move in. The size does run a little bit large but not bad enough that I would exchange it. I bought the medium and it fits but it’s tiny bit too big. I’m very careful about washing it because it’s very delicate so I usually soak it and wash it by hand instead of putting it in the laundry.

Underneath the sheer it has a slip to keep from being see through. It’s really such a beautiful dress. I love being on the beach and eating right on the boardwalk or right on the beach and you need shirts so this is perfect to throw right over yourself as a cover up. It’s real comfortable to wear and keep you from over heating! It flows nicely over anything. It’s soft and comfortable and I’d wear it to bed I like it so much, lol

I recommend this product to all woman who love the beach and pool or who just like pretty dresses. It’s the perfect compliment piece and when men see you in this they are going to love it. It’s a stand out piece and must have. I purchased this product at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review!