My Grove

I really love cleaning supplies so it is no surprise that i jumped on this offer from Grove Collaborative which has great all natural products for a discounted price and a VIP membership. I received $20 for signing up, a 60 day free VIP membership, and 50% off my yearly subscription. They have a ton of all natural cleaning supplies including Method and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day which is 2 of my favorite brands. They also offer freebies all the time and I’m always logging on and finding free items added to my cart.

You can join now for free. You can also skip shipments if you don’t need to restock and your sent reminders before every shipment so you can add or remove anything to your cart. This is what my most recent box looked like for $20. So just a quick preview and public service announcement. Join now 😊

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Bamboo 4 piece bed set

I have pretty much bought regular sheets all my life. I grew up on 1500 thread count sheets but when I grew up and moved out i realized that wasn’t an option for me so regular cheap sheets it has been so three sheets are probably heaven to me. I love these sheets and is I could afford more I would. These are bamboo sheets which makes them even better and cooler and a natural alternative.

The sheets come in a set with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillows cases. We downgraded to a queen bed recently so I got them in a size queen and we had no issues fitting them on our tempurpedic bed comfortably. I am a horrible sleeper for whatever reason and these have made being up all night a lot more comfortable. The sheets are quite thin so I gentle wash them on cold and hang dry them.

They have tons of different colors so I chose the Beechnut and I love the color. It’s not too light and it’s not too dark. I’m always buying dark sheets since I have young kids so this was a little doffeeent and I was verbally. These are so soft to sleep on and help a lot if you overheat and sweat like me. They keep you cool and are very breathable. They keep odors and allergens at bay and they are super silky. I would recommend these bamboo sheets and they make a great gift. I purchased this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Check it out here:


Awesome Deluxe Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar!

Total fan of the dry erase magnetic calendar craze. I’ve been getting so many of these because they are absolutely the best. I have around 5 of these already and I stick them everywhere. They work well and are good quality and I am so happy with them. They are super strong and you don’t have to worry about them ripping or breaking. They are also real thin which makes them awesome!

This specific one is a monthly calendar. It has some designs around the top of it which gives it some flair and has an open spot on the bottom for any type of notes or even sticky notes. These are super flexible and super thin. They back is completely covered with magnets and makes it much better when sticking it to something. Every part of this stays flat against the surface.

It’s big enough to be able to keep little notes on each day if need be. I use mine to keep track of appointments and anything that I need to remember. Lately I have become very forgetful so this was perfect to keep on my kitchen fridge to remind me of everything. It works great with liquid chalk markers and wipes of easily with a wet rag or baby wipe.

I am happy with this and how fun they can be. I actually really like making designs all over mine 🙂 I was getting tired of purhcasing calendars so this was the perfect solution, this is a “for life” calendar. I definitely recommend it and won’t stop looking for more to purchase. They are great anywhere they can stick and are great as gifts too. Just wipe it off and put on the new month when your ready. I purchased this product at a discount.