We’re Hatchimals Worth It? 

My kids have only recently hit that age that they start to care about Santa and what they will be getting for Xmas! I only just started getting interested in getting them what they want. I’m not sure if it was really them or me that wanted the Hatchimals. They were both only 3 and I think I wanted them more for them, lol. 

With all $50 Hatchimals sold out ans not much time until Xmas I decided to splurge and found some Hatchimals on Amazon.com for $185/each. Some may think I’m crazy and in retrospect maybe I was. Seems stupid now that they barely play with them but what child’s toy isn’t short lived? My kids get toys all the time that they love for the first 5 minutes and then after that they are moving onto the next thing! 

I’ve wasted a lot of money on useless toys but the kicker was the 24 hours it took for the Hatchimals to hatch. One of them seemed to have been knocked off the track and took longer then the other. Before we could get them to hatch we all fell asleep. I mean hatching these eggs was hard work. I’m the morning we continued where we left off and spent the better part of the day finishing our hatching! It was a long arduous process, especially after I found out its only supposed to really take up to an hour 😵

Overall, We liked our Hatchimals but would have been much happier purchasing them at $50 instead. My girls loved them and were so excited for them to hatch! They loved watching and taking care of them. They do amazing things and If they work and do what they say they are worth it and fun to play with! I think they were anxious and tired of waiting toward the end but they waited, lol

Anyone have a Hatchimal that didn’t hatch? 


Magnetic Plate!

Why would I need a magnetic plate? Well, if you have kids and own any of those magnetic tile sets like Stick n stack or Magnatiles you’ll need one of these. The plate is 12″x12″ which is actually a decent size. Before we had this we used to use the square tiles to make a floor and it would take up a lot of pieces so this is much better.

The plate has little magnets all within it. It works great with the magnet tiles and they stand up surprisingly well. Now we can build homes, towers, and apartment buildings, lol. I was able to get a bunch of other sets with this plate and when you have the plate, the tiles, the cars, the little yellow figurines, and different shape sets it’s a great all day worth of fun.

My girls love playing with them and they can be very educational. They build all types of different things and love building ice cream trucks with the cars. The plate makes building much better and easier so it’s worth having if you have the tiles. I definitely recommend having at least one magnetic plate. It’s great quality, a solid plate, and works well. It works so well I literally almost ended up in the hospital because of it.

Now this plate is plastic and slippery so if you have steps inside your house I advise you to keep this plate as far away from them as possible. My wonderful daughter decided to leave this on our stairs. The stairs are steep since upstairs was a renovated attic. Upon coming down the stairs and not seeing the plate I stepped on it and you would’ve thought I stepped on a skateboard because I went completely airborne and after 4 days I am still feeling it, lol 😂. It’s ok to laugh, after jumping around in pain I decided it was an accident an no one would get in trouble. It was one for the books!

Don’t be scared and grab one here 😊


Princess Play Makeup Set

I got this princess make up set for my 2 little girls. They love playing with pretend makeup so I thought they would really enjoy this and boy was I right. We have all been looking like clowns since we got it.

This comes with one large makeup pallets. It has a open button you push and the cover and mirror pop up. There is glitter gloss and blush in that compartment. On each side of the pallet is a little drawer that opens up where you can find all different color shades of eye shadow and lip gloss. There is a brush in every compartment although I gave my girls brushes I don’t use anymore. It worked alot better then the ones it came with.

I love how the colors come out very light. It makes clean up.much easier. The glitter looks just like petroleum jelly with some glitter just in top so make sure you use it liberal so your eyes don’t seal shut 🙂 My girls really enjoy this although it can get sticky.

Overall I am very happy with this make up set. It great for young girls and they even love putting the makeup on their dolls and me of course. It all works well and is good quality for kids. These are great gifts and even great for birthday parties. It is a toy so it’s just for playing!

Check it out here:



Addicted to Drones!

This is a great drone to learn how to fly. The first drone I received was so hard to fly and figure out but this one is so much simpler. I like the fact that it only has 4 propellers.
The drone comes with everything you need including 2 batteries, extra propeller, USB charger, extra propeller protectors, and the remote. The remote is somewhat bulky and this one does not come with a camera but it flys great.

When your putting the batteries in and out you have to be really careful so you don’t pull the wires out the housing, it’s very delicate. We love taking ours outside and flying it all around.

The controls are pretty simple but it does take time figuring out how to trim. We haven’t had any problems as you can see in the video. It flys straight and smooth but does come down hard sometimes. Takes some time getting used to be we like it and have fun with it. I recommend them for people who like drones and ate just learning. Great gift for kids. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Check it out here:


Super cool whale bubble blower 

This is another

great Haktoys bubble blowing gun. My girls really love using these and it makes my life and clean up much better. I was so tired of be guns you did and then press to blow because the bubbles would get all over so this is a much better alternative and I think more fun for your kids since they don’t have to struggle doing all that. It does leak a little so it’s good to have a wash cloth around.
This one is a whale which I like and all you do is score the bubbles into the bottom and your ready to go. It came with 2 compatible bubbles and even came with batteries which was nice. It takes 3 AA batteries but they endure lasting awhile. I love the see through design and how you can see inside of it and see all the gears and such. They are very light and easy to hold and press.
The bubbles blow out nicel and it has fun lights and sounds for your kids to enjoy. These are great for summer BBQs, birthday-day parties, and any other event where there’s kids. You do have to press the button a few times before bubbles start flowing since it has to suck up into the tubes. It can stand up nicely which is cool so it doesn’t always spill out when not in use. I like to save the bubble jars and refill them since they fit perfectly in the gun. I would recommend these, they make less of a mess and they are easy for kids to figure out. I purchased this product at a discount.
Check it out here:


Tents n Ball Pits :)

My house is really starting to look like one giant tent. My 3 year old girls love tents and tunnels and we have so many sets all over. This is one of my favorite ones because of the ball pit and basketball hoop. We have this one out in our living room and my girls like to be in it all day! It fits nicely in corner of our living room and has becomes a living room essential 🙂

These tents are great for so many reasons. Firstly, it comes nicely packaged all wrapped up in a round bag tha zips closed. It has 3 seperate pieces, the triangle tent, the tunnel, and the ball pit. The pieces connect all together with elastic pieces where the tunnel connects. I love the white with the colored poca dots, great for kids!

Each seperate piece pops open and folds right up. It may take a few times to figure out how to fold them up to get them back in the bag but it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it and it’s small to store and easy to carry with the handle on the bag. They are great for indoors and outdoors and even to take to the park or a BBQ. This one is very well made and has withheld my girls and they can be rough on their stuff!

The tunnel has a mesh lining on top so you can see them go through it. The ball pit has a cute basketball hoop my girls love to stuff things into it. I don’t have enough balls yet to fill it like a traditional ball pit but I do plan on getting some. You have to have the tunnel connected for that or you’ll have balls eveywhere. These are great for so many things and even as gifts or for the grandparents house. I have a few sets now already and love them all!

Check it out here: