Roasted Pumpkin Seeds!

This is my fav time of year! The holiday season always brings me so much joy. Now that Halloween is here pumpkin picking, carving, and roasting seeds is in full swing and I am ready. I am a pumpkin seed addict and I must get several pumpkins a year to roast its seeds, and of course have fun carving them with our kids.

Last year was the first year I decided to try some other pumpkin seed recipes instead of just the the traditional #oldskool recipe I’ve been using and eating since I can remember! I love trying new things and although my husband hates it it’s just too damn bad and he must participate. Luckily this year I decided to go with the original salted pumpkin seeds and ranch flavored which are delicious and flavorful!

Here are the recipes I use for ranch and original. It’s very simple and I usually just do it by eye instead of measuring. It’s kinda hard to mess up! Or at least I think it is 😊 There’s tons of seasonings you can use from garlic to ranch to BBQ to chili powder! Either way they are delicious and good for you!


Original Pumpkin seeds

2 cups of pumpkin seeds

1tbs of olive oil/butter

1/2tsp of kosher salt/salt

Ranch Pumpkin seeds

2 cups of Pumkin seeds

1tbs olive oil

1tsp ranch dried seasoning-sprinkle some more while cooking (optional)

salt to taste

Once they are seasoned just throw them in a pan with some tin foil and pop it in the oven!

I have seen a lot of different recipes, instructions and temp suggestions to use when you look online. I say just go with your gut. I’ve made mine from anywhere to 300-375 degrees.  The key is to watch them and take them out when they start to brown!

Good luck pumkin 🎃 seed eating and Happy Halloween  👻


Bloody Bath Mat via NewXshop

This bloody bath mat came to me at the perfect time of the year, Halloween! Who doesn’t love to place all those creepy decorations around their house and scare the crap out their friends and family? The bloody mat is fun to look at and have around the house and is a great bathroom decoration for Halloween! Who really decorates their bathroom anyways?

This was perfect for our bathroom though whoch is small. The mat is on the smaller size also so it’s great for in front of the vanity, sink, or shower. It comes with the bloody footprints and spray just so your not surprised like me, lol. If your a fool like me you would’ve thought the picture depict the mat turning red when stepping out the bath or shower with wet feet, like it was activated by the water which would’ve been awesome! Well, I learned the hard way that is not the case and it is just a white mat with bloody footprints.

It’s  very soft but somewhat thin. I’m not sure if I plan on using it all year or if it will be a seasonal thing. I guess we’ll just gave to see how well it holds up over time! Overall, I am happy with it and enjoy playing around with it and my kids. You can also use them wherever you want and not just in your bathroom. They do have a non slip bottom! I received this product free and was under no obligation to share my experience.

Check it out here:


With Halloween coming up fast you have to be on top of costumes, especially if you have kids. Well I was a horrible parent last year, waited to the last-minute, and spent $150 on 2 Halloween customes that were totally not worth it but for my kids. Feeling like a lush I swore that was not going to happen to me again this year and I’m glad to say that it has not! I actually saved a lot of money this year getting the costumes on Amazon and I like them so much better! I am boycotting Halloween city that is outrageously priced, the selection sucks, and everything, and I mean everything, is individually sold! No wonder it cost me that much money last year, what a flipping rip off! This year I managed to only spend $60 on everything the girls will need so I am very happy with myself and have been patting myself on the back since. So if you are looking for some cool cheap costume ideas check out Amazon! Here is what my girls are going to be and a cool hat we scored that I think I’ll be wearing!  Happy Halloween 👻🎃 Stay safe and sugar-free, lol 😂

What are you or your kids going to be this year? Comment and share some pics, I know I could use some more ideas!

Cool Witch Hat $9.99/Prime


Catarina Black Cat Toddler Costume $29.96/free shipping




2. $20-$38 2T n 3T/free shipping


Pink n Black Leggings $7.58/Prime


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