Aulexy Yoga n Pilates Socks

I love these Yoga n Pilate Socks. By no means am I a Yoga or Pilates women or mom but I like to believe I know what I’m doing and with these socks I’m doing it, lol.

These Yoga socks are thick and super comfy. The have foot print grippers on the bottom so you don’t slip while stretching, walking, or running after your kids. I have a big sock fetish and am always looking for great socks and these are a great addition.

These aren’t just good for Yoga or Pilates but they’re great for dancing, running after kids, cleaning, cooking, and even wearing them as a pair of slippers works! I’m very happy I found these socks and would definitely recommend them to people.

With Yoga n Pilates being so big these days these socks are great to have on hand. It comes in a pack of 4 with 4 different colors and they are well made and excellent quality! They are breathable and wearable all year! Must have for women!

Check them out here:


Simple Solutions via Smiley360

Recently I was asked to join a influencer site through Smiley360. Now I love Smiley360 so I didn’t think twice about joining. This one is called Simple Solutions and it is basically the same thing as Smiley360. It even looks the same. I don’t know much about it yet and only have been apart of it for a short time but I already received a free sample of Arm&Hammer Baking Soda and if it’s like Smiley360 I expect more! 

I love getting free samples from all over! Smiley360 is one of my fav sites as well as others and I am so happy they came up with this new one. I’m going to attach some pics of the site in this blog post so people who are already members of Smiley360 can see this site looks exactly the same. You have your dashboard, your missions, your surveys, and this is one things I love doing! I swear I could spend all day online on the handful of influencer sites I belong too! 
If you haven’t heard of Simple Solutions you have to check it out! Especially if you like Smiley360! Have fun…

Here is the link:

CrowdTap Rocks-Suave Mission

I didn’t join CrowdTap that long ago but I really have nothing but good things to say about it. I really enjoy being able to log on, answer some questions, and have a $5 gift card by the time I was done. A lot of these so called sites that offer gift cards for your opinion are scams and I have given up looking for any decent ones but CrowdTap is one of those sites I’ll be sticking with!

They have so many things to do all relating to products that your interested in! Not only that but they offer free full sized samples for your feedback. You can share on social media if you like but your not required to! They have missions for products like this Suave Mission I’m currently doing and I’ve never had any problems!

If this sounds interesting to you and you are like me and love free stuff and giving your opinion CrowdTap is for you! You can check it out on the link below. I think the only thing I didn’t like is there change in policy on when they issue your gift cards. You used to be able get the gift card right then and there but now they email it to you within a few days! It’s still fun and free though! Enjoy!

My CrowdKit sample for the Suave Professionals Honey Infusion Range was exactly what I was looking for for my hair. I love a shampoo and conditioner that smells good and makes my hair smell good and this did just that! I also have frizzy hair and it helped keep it in order. I am so happy with my sample and would definitely recommend it. They also sent a leave in conditioner I live that smells and works great in my hair and my girls hair! I’m always looking for new shampoos and conditioners and I was not disappointed with this!

Hot Pink Pencil Case!

I have tons and tons of cored pencils, gel pens, watercolor pens, and so much more and they can begin to get cluttered and everywhere! I usually try to keep them inside the cases they come in but some don’t come in cases and others come in cases that fall apart before you take them out the box so to alleviate all that I have found a great case that works well. I’m somewhat OCD so I like having a place for everything.

First off it’s pink, I’m a girl and I love pink! It’s also a lot smaller and compact then I anticipated which is great. In the picture it looks much bigger but is around the same size as an iPad mini, maybe smaller. I actually like that it’s smaller so it’s fits inside things easier. I also have 2 kids and this is perfect to take with you traveling and keeps things organized.

This case opens like a book with each compartment having a separate zipper. I like that I can separate the different kinds of art supplies I’m using by page. It works like a book minus the zippers. Each zipper opens up and inside there are little elastic bands on each sides of the pages where you slide the pencils in and out. The elastic holds them tight and keeps them from falling out! The zipper also keeps them all inside!

The case will hold 72 pencils and comes in hot pink, light pink, and blue. It also has spots for things like erasers and pencil sharpeners. It’s great for artists, students and as a gift. The case has a small handle strap to make it easy to carry! I think I may even like it better then those pencil wraps. It’s cool though and it works well and I like better then having different types of pens, pencils, and markers everywhere. I’ll probably need 2 since my girls fight over everything, lol. I would definitely recommend it! Makes life easier.

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Bloody Bath Mat via NewXshop

This bloody bath mat came to me at the perfect time of the year, Halloween! Who doesn’t love to place all those creepy decorations around their house and scare the crap out their friends and family? The bloody mat is fun to look at and have around the house and is a great bathroom decoration for Halloween! Who really decorates their bathroom anyways?

This was perfect for our bathroom though whoch is small. The mat is on the smaller size also so it’s great for in front of the vanity, sink, or shower. It comes with the bloody footprints and spray just so your not surprised like me, lol. If your a fool like me you would’ve thought the picture depict the mat turning red when stepping out the bath or shower with wet feet, like it was activated by the water which would’ve been awesome! Well, I learned the hard way that is not the case and it is just a white mat with bloody footprints.

It’s  very soft but somewhat thin. I’m not sure if I plan on using it all year or if it will be a seasonal thing. I guess we’ll just gave to see how well it holds up over time! Overall, I am happy with it and enjoy playing around with it and my kids. You can also use them wherever you want and not just in your bathroom. They do have a non slip bottom! I received this product free and was under no obligation to share my experience.

Check it out here:

Magnetic Plate!

Why would I need a magnetic plate? Well, if you have kids and own any of those magnetic tile sets like Stick n stack or Magnatiles you’ll need one of these. The plate is 12″x12″ which is actually a decent size. Before we had this we used to use the square tiles to make a floor and it would take up a lot of pieces so this is much better.

The plate has little magnets all within it. It works great with the magnet tiles and they stand up surprisingly well. Now we can build homes, towers, and apartment buildings, lol. I was able to get a bunch of other sets with this plate and when you have the plate, the tiles, the cars, the little yellow figurines, and different shape sets it’s a great all day worth of fun.

My girls love playing with them and they can be very educational. They build all types of different things and love building ice cream trucks with the cars. The plate makes building much better and easier so it’s worth having if you have the tiles. I definitely recommend having at least one magnetic plate. It’s great quality, a solid plate, and works well. It works so well I literally almost ended up in the hospital because of it.

Now this plate is plastic and slippery so if you have steps inside your house I advise you to keep this plate as far away from them as possible. My wonderful daughter decided to leave this on our stairs. The stairs are steep since upstairs was a renovated attic. Upon coming down the stairs and not seeing the plate I stepped on it and you would’ve thought I stepped on a skateboard because I went completely airborne and after 4 days I am still feeling it, lol 😂. It’s ok to laugh, after jumping around in pain I decided it was an accident an no one would get in trouble. It was one for the books!

Don’t be scared and grab one here 😊

Mermaid Blanket Craze!

So what is the big craze with these mermaid blankets? I have no idea but they are pretty cool and I am not disappointed. It was hard to get my hands on one of these so people obviously really like them! The HQdeal mermaid blanket is super comfortable and warm and what girl doesn’t like pretending she’s a mermaid.

I have 2 little girls so of course I liked it for them although I’m pretty sure I would’ve got it with or without kids, lol. These are so nice to lay in bed or on the couch with. This one is hand crochet which is awesome and has a great design. We love the pink being girls but they have it in a blue as well.

The mermaid blanket has a beautiful and detailed tail and also has a slit down the back to make it easier to get in and out of so I thought that was nice so it doesn’t become more of a hassle. I love that it keeps your feet nice and toasty down in the tail and it makes a great travel blanket for cars, buses, and even planes! The quality is great but it is crocheted so you should be careful with it. They are great for sleeping bag insulation too!


These are great for kids and adults, don’t let anyone tell you different 😄 These are perfect  for the elderly or people in wheels chairs too so they stay warm and cozy. The smaller ones are even great as stroller blankets so they are very multi use and just great to have! I definitely recommend having one. I’m a total mermaid blanket on the couch with a fire, movie, and drink in hand kind of girl! I received this product for a discounted price, this opinion is based solely on my experience.

Grab one here:


With Halloween coming up fast you have to be on top of costumes, especially if you have kids. Well I was a horrible parent last year, waited to the last-minute, and spent $150 on 2 Halloween customes that were totally not worth it but for my kids. Feeling like a lush I swore that was not going to happen to me again this year and I’m glad to say that it has not! I actually saved a lot of money this year getting the costumes on Amazon and I like them so much better! I am boycotting Halloween city that is outrageously priced, the selection sucks, and everything, and I mean everything, is individually sold! No wonder it cost me that much money last year, what a flipping rip off! This year I managed to only spend $60 on everything the girls will need so I am very happy with myself and have been patting myself on the back since. So if you are looking for some cool cheap costume ideas check out Amazon! Here is what my girls are going to be and a cool hat we scored that I think I’ll be wearing!  Happy Halloween 👻🎃 Stay safe and sugar-free, lol 😂

What are you or your kids going to be this year? Comment and share some pics, I know I could use some more ideas!

Cool Witch Hat $9.99/Prime


Catarina Black Cat Toddler Costume $29.96/free shipping




2. $20-$38 2T n 3T/free shipping


Pink n Black Leggings $7.58/Prime


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N’ICE Women’s Cable Knit Slipper Socks

These are absolutely amazing! I have had some comfy slippers but these beat them all hands down! When I first put them on I was somewhat conflicted but after having them on a bit i was totally sold and had to let everyone know about them! Treat your feet with these super socks as I call them, lol.

These are slipper socks so you’d think of them like socks but when I got them I couldn’t believe these were them. They are super thick, like crazy thick and actually almost make it all the way up to my knee. When I tell you these will keep your feet and calves warm outside in January in NYC I am not lying!


I love the Winter White color I got but they do have 4 other colors which are blue, brown, red, and black. These are awesome gifts, especially with Xmas coming up! The have a cable knit design on the outside that is very stylish and fashionable and in the inside is a 2nd fuzzy lawyer of warmth with Sherpa lining.

These are way better and cooler then I anticipated and I couldn’t be happier. If you don’t have a pair of these yet you are missing out! With winter coming this is a must have! They have non skid grippers on the bottom which make them great for young people and elderly too! Grandma is definitely getting a pair for Xmas! I purchased this product at a discounted price, this opinion is based solely on my experience!

Grab them here:

N’ICE Kids Hat n Glove Set

These are so adorable. I wish I was able to get 2 but I am just going to have to buy another set because these are perfect for my 2 little girls for the winter. They are just as good as the other Women’s set I have minus the scarf. I love the N’ICE brand winter  items I have seen and received.

I really need to get another set of these since I have 2 girls. I love the colors they have but I have 2 girls 9 months apart and everything has to be the same or a war will ensue. The hat and gloves are super warm and fit perfectly. These may even last for 2 winters which I would love! They are very insulated and have an extra fleece layer inside for even more warmth.

The design of the hat is cute and I love the cable knit it has on the outside. The best part has yet to come and that is the fact that they glow in the dark! How awesome is that 😳 Boom, mind blown, lol. It is pretty cool though! The hat and gloves have a design on it that kinda resembles that of a heart beat. That is what glows in the dark. I love the tiny pom pom on the top of the hat and it even comes down to make sure the ears are covered. It has 2 matching strings that come down that you can use to tie under the chin if you like but I just use them to put the hat on easier and faster since I’m always in a rush!

I picked the pinkish, purplish, magentaish color which I really like but they have other girl and boy colors. The heartbeat design is a lighter pink color and it’s super adorable and cute all around. It’s real for winter and it will keep your kids nice and warm. The little mittens stay on nice and tight and makes a great gift or Xmas present! These are a must have for your kids so check them out! You won’t be disappointed or have listen to your kids whine their cold 😁

Check them out here: