My Grove

I really love cleaning supplies so it is no surprise that i jumped on this offer from Grove Collaborative which has great all natural products for a discounted price and a VIP membership. I received $20 for signing up, a 60 day free VIP membership, and 50% off my yearly subscription. They have a ton of all natural cleaning supplies including Method and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day which is 2 of my favorite brands. They also offer freebies all the time and I’m always logging on and finding free items added to my cart.

You can join now for free. You can also skip shipments if you don’t need to restock and your sent reminders before every shipment so you can add or remove anything to your cart. This is what my most recent box looked like for $20. So just a quick preview and public service announcement. Join now 😊

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The Lazy Susan you have to have!

I love the my new glass lazy Susan. If you asked me what a lazy Susan was before I found out about this product would tell you I have no idea but these are the coolest things and this one in particliar I love. I love the that it’s all glass and the vibrant colors are awesome. It works very well and the glass seems to be very solid and hard to break to an extent. It’s very well made and turns easy.

This set comes with the lazy Susan that turns nice and smoothly, 3 glass jars, and 3 lids and spoons. It’s just look so nice in my kitchen. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to be outing in mine but I’ll figure it out sometime soon I hope, lol. The plastic lids each have a little crevice where the spoon sits when the lid is on the jar so they can sit in there nicely either way. The glass jars also have a plastic around the top matching the color of the lids and spoons.

It looks nice and fancy and very classy as well known my kitchen. The 3 colored lids and spoon are plastic, I would rather them to have Ben colored glass but it really doesn’t change my opinion of this product. I’m one of those people who like quirky things and interesting fun things and this is one of those things. What makes this set so nice to me s the color combination and sizes of the jars, just perfect!

I recommend this product to anyone who likes these sorts of things. They look so nice for show and is oerfect for any home kitchen. It’s also break as a gift I would’ve loved if you friends or family would be me one of these. I purchased this product at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review. This opinion is 100% my own.

Check it out here: